Myths about maintaining a fireplace

Unfortunately there are many myths surrounding the maintenance of a fireplace.  H & R Chimney, we want to banish some of these myths and make the public aware on how to keep your fireplace ready for a fire.





 "A fireplace requires no maintenance if it is not used"


This is perhaps the most important thing to note for those with myth fireplace at home. The most important to thoroughly inspect a fireplace  after a prolonged period of inactivity. The reasons are important is the fact that it is during this period that more dirt and foreign matter can accumulate in air vents of your fireplace. This is to avoid unnecessary accidents or fire hazards  Another reason is the possibility of breakage or problems with the exhaust ducts that produce carbon monoxide leaks in case of log fires, or directly from gas and other combustible material in case of fires or other kerosene. That is why it is vital to get in the handsof professionals to examine the intallaion and prevent possible problems



"A sweep performs the task in just a few minutes"

The truth is that the professional maintenance needs a little more time. Many people, especially those living in cold climates, just think a sweep time used to perform their work. Unfortunately there are many people who do this work without proper professionalism. The truth is that a complete and thorough review of the system requires about half an hour. The deep cleaning of creosote that may be in the ventilation duct is a job that requires time and effort, and is also a complex task that should only be perform by professional.


"Maintaining a clean chimney is to maintain home"

It is a dangerous mistake to think that our chimney is clean just because no remains of ashes or crystals remain transparent screen. While this is important from an aesthetic point of view and energy efficiency, flue ducts of the log fires are the most important point clean to prevent accidents.


Creosote can also produce complete blockage of the barrel, preventing the release of smoke and can cause fires or carbon monoxide leaks.


So if this year is preparing to rekindle an old fireplace, do not hesitate to contact professionals to help you regain the spark with good sense and safety.

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